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PO Box 414 • Alexandria Bay, NY 13607 • Phone: 315-482-9971 ext. 2130
About HFY
Hearts for Youth (HFY) is a grassroots organization dedicated to providing opportunities, services, and support, so youth in our community will become healthy, educated, respectful, and productive citizens. HFY is an organization operating under the direction of the Inter-Municipal Agreement between the Town of Alexandria and the Village of Alexandria Bay. It also serves as the umbrella organization facilitating the efforts of the established local youth boards known as the Redwood Youth Organization (RYO), Students Hooked on Values (SHOV), and the Plessis Youth Organization (PYO). Our History
HFY became a collaboration of community members and local governments in the the Thousand Island Region, mainly in the Alexandria Bay, Redwood and Plessis area. For decades, the communities had been running their own individual youth activities successfully, but faced their own challenges and obstacles. It was the foresight of Redwood's Youth Organization's (RYO) member and current HFY President, Penny Kring, who saw the advantage in collaborating with all the communities as a whole. Penny had discovered that, Jefferson County Youth Bureau, would provide additional funding to municipalities and non-profits that shared the mission for youth programming. It was at that time when, Hearts for Youth would unite them. This collaboration would make funding and programming more efficient to all. Hearts for Youth then established an office at Alexandria Central School. ACS provides Hearts for Youth with space and utilities for free. With the office residing within the school, HFY is able to work directly with the kids daily and promote the programs to the community as a whole, side by side with the schools own functions. Up until 1999, each organization would fund their own programs individually. The functions at the churches were funded and run by the churches, the Town of Alexandria had their own programing, the Village of Alexandria, Redwood and Plessis and so on. The community members and supporters of this movement, decided that the Town would be the major partner, and seek additional funding from the Village of Alexandria in an inter-municipal agreement. Basically, Jefferson County Youth Bureau funds 1/4 of the cost, the village funds about 1/4 and the Town covers the other half. The Churches still help in anyway they can, holding functions at their facilities and provide the cost of utilities and some supplies. The group felt confident in their volunteers so far and would continue to be passionate about the individual programs they were into, but also saw the need to have paid staff, especially during work and school hours.
Currently, the Town of Alexandria's youth recreation advisory board "Hearts for Youth" employs A full time Executive Director, Josh Larson, Program Director, Gayle Hunneyman, and an Executive Assistant, Jerri Winkler. These employees over see all the functions within the organization. HFY is led by officers and directors of a board, who meet monthly to review the programs and day to day operations. Hearts for Youth is always looking for volunteers to assist with the programming and welcomes individuals with leadership and skills to join committees and serve on the board. It is important to HFY to seek help from parents and community members. It provides stronger relationships with the kids and gets families more involved.
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